LOS ANGELES, CA — Each generation seems more comfortable adding variety to their sexual fun time activities and perhaps none has been as adventurous as the one having sex now. 

While excellence often comes with time and practice, practice, practice, Immoral Productions director of Toss My Salad 2, Teens Toss It Best, Bobby “The Hammer” Beefcakes, thinks youthful enthusiasm and boundless energy make ass eating – aka “salad tossing” -- the act that defines the latest batch of legal teen fuckers.   

Beefcakes said, “I am known as one of the world’s foremost authorities on tossing salad for many good reasons, mainly that I truly love a girl‘s mouth buried in my no-so spot [[what is no-so spot?]] more than anyone else. After having four teens come and put their tongue in bung, I have decided that they may be better than any other age group at eating ass. I want to thank each one of the teenage tramps and hope they spread the joy they brought me to many other men.” 

Porno Dan and Beefcakes have teamed up to bring you their newest series, Toss My Salad. This ass-eating extravaganza stars teenage nymphomaniac Memphis Joy, who shows that she earned her last name by the way men felt after an hour with her. Perhaps the happiest girl you will ever see in porn, Kaylee Hilton shows she is truly a lover of man-ass. Rylie Richman tells the story of how she loves to eat her boyfriends’ asshole and her happiness while doing it shines through. In the finale, Spencer Sage tosses salad for the first time and becomes an instant fan. 

As with the entire Immoral Productions catalog, this title is distributed by Pure Play. The sales manager of Pure Play, Bill Rix, said, “The four young ladies in this film really do enjoy tossing salad, and Bobby Beefcakes truly loves every second of it. If he says teens toss it best, who am I to argue?”