VAN NUYS, CA — Inducted into the Score Hall of Fame in 2009 by the magazine’s readers, Linsey Dawn McKenzie is one of the all-time busty legends. Prime Time With LDM is for the fans; a tribute to the support and loyalty to one of the Big Boob genre’s brightest stars. This homage to McKenzie releases this week from the Score Group through leading adult distributor Pure Play Media.

Prime Time with LDM presents eight different videos with themes and ideas suggested by members of the website This is McKenzie showing fans not only her incredible body and huge breasts, it also is a showcase for LDM's red-hot sex appeal -- her sense of humor and personal charm, and her ability to communicate directly to the viewer and become any woman she wants to be.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie, one of the most famous big-boobed babes ever, keeps coming up with new ways to please her die-hard fans.  In this selection of never-before-released videos, the HH-cup wonder girl is a bad biker babe, a sexy secret agent, a 1950s high-school student fantasizing about fucking her dream guy, a burglar who breaks into a house and finds a dildo, a graffiti artist wearing short-shorts and a tiny tube top and lots more.

Huge-boobed Score and Voluptuous legend McKenzie offers up her massive tits and sweet pussy in a variety of settings and scenarios -- she’s a cat-burglar, breaking and entering to steal someone's valuables but decides to take off her clothes and get horny instead.  She's a hot motorcycle mama, with hot chrome between her legs in a bike shop in the “Biker Babe”’ segment.  In “Luminous Linsey,” LDM paints a room in luminous colors while wearing tight booty shorts and a halter top that will pop fan’s thermometers.  When she turns off the lights and turns on a black light, look out McKenzie is a bar-maid busting out in a pub and eager to serve in “Public House.”  In “Secret Agent”, McKenzie is the coolest, grooviest, psychedelicized spy with a license to thrill breast men. She's a fantasy straight out of American Graffiti and Happy Days in another scene -- home after class to strip out of her poodle skirt, pink sweater and bullet-bra straight out of the 1950s.  She heads outdoors to shower in a private garden to get her tits and ass dripping wet. She then heads back indoors to be the viewer’s private web-cam girl, training the camera on herself for a hot solo peepshow.  

“Any Score titles featuring Linsey Dawn McKenzie are some of our biggest sellers. Her legendary status among the Big Boob community helps spread the word when she has a new release coming out. Prime Time With LDM from the Score Group is comprised of suggested scene scenarios from her most loyal fans, so we expect an all-Linsey, all-the-time title made up of unreleased content to do extremely well,” Pure Play Media sales manager, Ms. Sonia, commented. “Fans will get an intimate look at one of the most popular busty performers in the industry and won’t be disappointed to see Linsey step into several roles and showcase her unbridled sexuality in many different settings.”