VAN NUYS, CA —Naughty America’s 30th volume in the series that focuses on the lust a brother might have for that special, sexy friend of their female sibling, My Sister’s Hot Friend 30, hits retailer’s shelves this week through Pure Play Media.

In My Sister’s Hot Friend 30, viewers will find five scenes showcasing brothers who can’t help but lust after their sister’s friend, who wants him as bad as he wants her. Cover-model Alyssa Branch bursts through her friend’s brother’s door asking where his sister is. He doesn't know, so Alyssa starts chewing his ear off about how she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her. He tells her that he might've seen the guy sneaking out of his sister's room late the other night, so Branch decides to get back at her friend and her cheating boyfriend both by sucking and fucking her BFF’s brother.

Mischa Brooks stops by her girlfriend's house to show her the new swimsuit she bought for their upcoming trip to Cancun. Her friend's brother answers the door and tells her that his sister is at work, but that she's welcome to come in and model the new swimsuit for him. Brooks is a little embarrassed when he tells her that she's got a hot body, but her shyness melts away when he pulls off her bikini top and tells her she should bend over so he can thrust his cock in and out of her.

Shane Dos Santos is on the phone with her roommate, telling her that the stripper pole she ordered has arrived and been installed. She also tells her roommate that her brother had better not be squatting at their place anymore or he's going to have to pay rent. Her roomie's brother just happens to overhear her and when he spies her practicing on her new pole, he secretly watches her. 

Hung-over from the show last night, Danny wakes up remembering nothing, especially which girl he took home and who is now in his bathroom. After he phones his buddy to try to remember the night, he feels his one-night stand massage his shoulders after she emerges from the bathroom. When he turns around, he quickly realizes that it's his sister's friend, Leilani Leeane. She tells him they banged away the whole night, but since he can't remember, she decides to refresh his memory.

Aria Rae is at her girlfriend's house and needs to shower, but the only one available is in her friend's brother's room. She busts in there like she owns the joint, thinking he is gone for the day, but as it turns out, he's not. He grants her wish to use his shower, telling her he won't peak. But when petite and sexy Aria catches him being all pervy around watching her around the corner, she doesn't scream and run -- she invites him into the shower to join her. 

Pure Play Media sales manager, Ms. Sonia, commented, “The My Sister’s Hot Friend series continues to be one of Naughty America’s top-selling lines. Most guys with sisters have had a crush on one of her friends and had hopes of scoring with them, and Naughty plays off that scenario in several fun and interesting ways in My Sister’s Hot Friend 30. With a strong selection of up-and-coming young newbies featured, we expect this volume to be yet another big seller.”