LOS ANGELES—Everyone knows the saying: “The few, the Proud ...” Now, another group of few and proud brave souls has gone on a nationwide recruiting mission: fluffers.

Yes, fluffers—the most noble and caring women on the face of the earth—have gone on nationwide search to seek out girls who are altruistic enough to join their ranks. And who is going to lead this search? None other than the original fluffer herself, Tanner Mayes.

Immoral Productions director Jim Powers said, “I thank God every night for giving me an opportunity to work alongside fluffers every week. These girls are so giving they drain the jizz out of any man who ventures into our studio. When I heard that this sisterhood of saints was going to look for new recruits, I knew there was only who could properly lead this crusade: Tanner Mayes.”

Immoral Productions hires real fluffers every week, and now for the first time you can watch the never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage of these wild and crazy girls. Fluffers 3 is a six-hour double-disc volume starring Tanner Mayes, Amy Brooke, McKenzee Miles, Leslie Foxx, Ally Kay, Alanah Rae, Holly Heart, and Cassidy Lynn.

Plus, it features the girls for whom they served as fluffers: Victoria White, Angelina Ashe, Brooke Haven and Kimberly Kiss.

Like all Immoral Productions titles, Fluffers 3 is being distributed via Pure Play Media. Pure Play Media CEO Richard Arnold said, “I was thrilled when I heard that Tanner Mayes was going to lead this nationwide search for girls to join this not- so-secret society-of-sluts. Who better to find the next fluffer than the girl who was the original fluffer?”

Tanner Mayes declared, “I felt it was time we strengthen the ranks of the fluffers, so I am going out and hand selecting girls who love cum as much I do. I was the first fluffer at Immoral Productions—hell, it was called Tanner Tuesdays for a reason.”

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