LOS ANGELES—Priya Rai is literally on her way to her new mainstream career. The beauty is heading to India soon to film a big budget Bollywood movie project, and in the meantime has a new mainstream horror movie coming out from Tom Kat Films, Isis Rising; Curse Of The Lady Mummy, in which she stars and co produced with actor James Bartholet. The movie will be coming out this Fall nationwide. Rai and Bartholet will be talking to Tom Kat Films owner about doing some more film projects for them this year.

"I'm really focused right now, and practicing my Hindi and learning my lines,” said Priya. “I'm enjoying my time with my personal life, even though there's times when I miss my friends, but there's always, Twitter right? LOL. I'm also looking at mainstream projects, and plotting out my next moves for the coming months when I return from India.”

Rai was the subject of a very informative and provocative profile story in the September 2013 issue of Hustler magazine that is currently on newsstands now.  She also has been working on some other mainstream projects, including a music video for Canadian rapper One Shot, and a pilot for a show titled The Goomba Gourmet Show, that has not been released yet.

Priya also has a beautiful new t-shirt released from Tit’s T Shirts, and she has also decided to take down her porn site, but says that she will have a new mainstream site coming up soon.

"I've thought about this for some time now, and decided that this is the best choice for me to take now,” she said. “I know I have fans out there that will miss seeing my xxx performances, but I want you all to know how much you mean to me, and that even though I'm not taking off my clothes and having sex on camera anymore, I'm still your Priya Rai, and I want you all to see my mainstream projects, especially the Isis Rising movie.”

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