LAS VEGAS, NV—Last month, Leia Down launched her new comic book site,, on which she started taking pre-orders for her new 18+ comic book, The Chronicles of Leia Down. Now she is reporting that preorders have been so phenomenal that there will have to be a cut-off date of September 15 for all new preorders. Very limited edition digital copies are currently set to be available on October 31.

The storyline of the first issue in the series sets the stage for Leia's journey from ordinary girl to powerful super villain, kicking off with Leia taking on a rich and powerful, yet dirty, mogul. She uses her powers to take him down and is introduced to her future arch nemesis.

“I knew I had tons of fans, but the response to preorders has been out of this world,” said Leia. “Being limited edition, I can only release so many at a time. So, I decided that September 15 is the cut-off.”

Two special edition posters inspired by the comic book are also available on her site—both “Leia in Action” and “Against Leia” are available for purchase for $9.99 each.

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