Plaid Bag Media proudly announces that it is representing two new studios: Petra Joy and Julie Simone Productions.

Petra Joy is an award-winning European director with a hot-selling couples feature line. Julie Simone is the director of her own sizzling fetish line.

Beaming, Julie Simone stated, "In 2009, I was exploring different areas of the biz and showing my films internationally at film festivals. This year I'm totally focused on directing and taking my company to new heights, introducing new lines including foot fetish, girl-girl strap-on and fem-domme. Plaid Bag Media has shown great enthusiasm for my work, and I'm thrilled to have Peter representing my product and bringing it to a wider audience."

Petra also enthused, "I am very proud of my films, and I am overjoyed that Plaid Bag is championing my work! I look forward to a strong 2010."

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