CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Growing up Peter North would fantasize about what it would be like to get with one of his teachers. After all, who could resist the idea of staying after class with your hot, tempting teacher?

But, despite having had sex with over 1,500 women, North never thought that he would get to act on that fantasy. Until now.

North’s latest scene cast him as a school teacher, trading sex for grades with sultry student Tanner Mayes. Allowed to enact his school teacher fantasy from the teacher’s angle, North found himself really getting into the fantasy in a whole new way.

“I’d always heard that college girls had the same fantasy about their professors as I did about my teachers,” North said. “Doing this scene with Tanner Mayes totally solidified that rumor.”

The idea of being the school teacher in the school teacher fantasy really has North hooked, and he’s already thinking about what it’d be like to do a Sex 101 with Peter North feature.

See North’s school teacher fantasy come true in North Pole 74 in stores now through Pure Play Media.

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