ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.—During his illustrious career in adult films, Peter North has cast his gaze—and glaze—on more than a few beauties. He has been fortunate to decorate and erotically enhance countless lovely faces with his copious talents, delighting fans throughout the world.

Thanks to his award-winning series, Peter North’s POV, these fans get to see first hand what it’s like to be in North’s considerable shoes. Peter and friends make sure that no girl goes home without a healthy dose of pure protein. Directed by Craven Moorehead, volume 31 of the series features a jewel, hot hills, a dose of true love and even a saint.

New and lovely Jewel Styles is a gem as she flashes her gorgeous eyes to the camera before being glazed. Fans are sure to fall madly for stunning British blonde Robin Truelove. Exotic Isabella Dior rides the bullet train to facial town while a trip to the hills leaves Beverly (Hills) and Halia (Hill) out of breath and covered in goo. If that isn’t enough to get you going, cover girl Samantha Saint is sure to strike a chord with her angelic looks and heavenly performance.

As fans have come to expect, Peter North’s POV line offers top-notch adult talent, great sex and huge facials. It isn’t easy living up to a legend, but these girls have what it takes.