New York—Sam Phillips’ Pajama Party, hosted by June 1993 Penthouse Pet of the Month and talk show/actress Sam Phillips (pictured, center), has announced that Penthouse Store is now a sponsor of the show, which broadcasts live at The Joint Studios in Burbank; fans can listen and watch here every Sunday night from 6-8 pm PST.

Sam Phillips, who hosted the popular radio talk show The Single Life for six years, was excited to take her gift for gab to a whole new level. Sam is thrilled to bring her fans something fun, intelligent and unique. The Joint Studios has seven video cameras running throughout the studio, bringing both a radio and television show format to the seasoned Phillips; this has turned out to be the perfect venue for the 47-year-old beauty.

“I wanted to create something new and fresh. I wanted to be seen, not just heard. My favorite thing to do when I was working in traditional radio was go to work wearing my PJ’s. I thought I would make this a pajama party! It’s a concept that I’ve never seen before and it adds fun to the festivities,” said Phillips. “My guests either arrive in their PJ’s or change into them before the show. There are no excuses; everyone has to wear some kind of sleepwear - whatever you sleep in at home, which can be tricky, because 70% of my male guests, as it turns out, sleeps in the nude.”

Each hour of the live two hour show is a different configuration of six guests.  The famous and the infamous, more often than not, aren’t acquainted with each other. As Phillips says, “Sitting around talking in your pajamas is a great way to get to know somebody.”  Guests have included Lou Ferrigno, Lorenzo Lamas, Corey Feldman and his band, Corey’s Angels, Paul Provenza, Esai Morales, Rick Overton, Gary Garver, Riki Rachtman, and Gretchen Bonaduce. Adult entertainers that have lounged in their PJ’s were Nick Manning, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Granath, Natasha and Natalia Starr, Mia Isabella, and Danica Dillon.

What excites Sam Phillips is having the company that skyrocketed her to fame, Penthouse, as the sponsor of her weekly talk show. Weekly giveaways are featured on the show; fans can also get 20  percent off anything on using offer code “PJPARTY,” which includes free shipping and handling.

“I’m back in the fold with Penthouse, it’s a whole new family for me,” added Phillips. 

Phillips also has written articles for Penthouse Magazine in the last few years, most recently an anal sex for beginner’s guide in the April 2013 issue. “What’s great is that Penthouse Store has everything you need to throw a great party, including pajamas,” she said. “It’s also a great platform for Penthouse Pets to come on and promote anything they’re doing for Penthouse. It’s a great environment for them to play in and demonstrate all of the high-quality products Penthouse Store has to offer.”

Last month, Phillips was in the Penthouse studio in Los Angeles, shooting full-page ads for the Penthouse titles, as well as banners for all Penthouse websites.

She said she is very excited about the partnership, as well as the future of Sam Phillips’ Pajama Party. Sam has attributed her success to being herself and having a real curiosity about her guests. “I direct the show and I peel the layers of guests like an onion. I don’t write out questions, but prefer to let the conversation flow naturally. I know all of these people, so if I can’t figure out what to talk about for an hour, then I don’t know how to do my job. I consider myself to be a natural conversationalist.”

You can listen to Sam Phillips’ Pajama Party every Sunday night on from 6pm to 8pm. You can follow Sam Phillips on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow The Joint Studios and their programming on Twitter and