MARINA DEL REY, Calif.—New adult studio Paul Thomas Presents will release Pervert, its second feature movie, on Oct. 26. Distributed by LFP Video, Pervert is an intelligent and sexually extreme vision from the mind of prolific director Paul Thomas.

The production company Paul Thomas Presents gives the famed director the freedom to fully explore the deviant aspects of his mind and soul to create cutting-edge, erotic films. Said Rob Smith, director of operations for LFP Video, “Paul Thomas is a legend in the adult entertainment industry, but he has never rested on his laurels for one second. PT still manages to bring something fresh and creative to each of his movies. Pervert is definitely going to surprise and thrill consumers with its peek into the taboo. It’s unlike anything he has ever done before. Everyone at Hustler is excited to bring PT’s unique style of eroticism to retailers and consumers.”

Pervert is a film I’ve always wanted to make,” Thomas said. “My goal is to arouse the mind, as much as the libido. Pervert is a conceptual film composed of intertwining kinky narratives. It explores how even the most ordinary people are subject to perverse desires, since perversions are simply a manifestation of our most primal nature. All of us are guilty of putting on a façade, but the truth is, you never know what’s behind the white picket fence of America.”

After the critical success of The Twilight Zone Porn Parody, the debut title from Paul Thomas Presents, expectations will be high for Pervert. reviewer Vincent Pierce writes, “The more I watched, the greater [The Twilight Zone] became. The plot and the acting were superb. The sex scenes were awesome. … Definitely an XCritic Pick. This is the best porn parody I’ve had the pleasure to see thus far!”

To view the trailer for “The Twilight Zone Porn Parody”, visit YouTube.