Misty Stone has been in the adult movie business for more than three years, but she only recently got her big break in one of this year’s contenders for best parody: Not the Cosbys XXX.

Prior to that, the Inglewood, Calif., native had been relegated to mostly black gonzo sex movies. “I did a lot of the booty movies even though I don’t have a big booty, but I really wanted to act,” Stone said. “It wasn’t until I got cast as Denise Huxtable in Not the Cosbys XXX and saw that there was an entirely different way of making movies out there that I realized this is what I wanted to do.”

Quickly, other companies began to notice the talented actress and the casting push was on. In addition to her work with X-Play, Stone landed a number of good roles in feature movies, including This Ain’t Saved by the Bell from Hustler, Red Light’s The Apprentass and Vivid’s Scared Sexy.

“I agree that Misty is remarkably talented, and I’ve seen girls in this industry for about 15 years,” stated Drew Rosenfeld of Hustler Video. “The girl is effortless and you rarely if ever see that in this business.”

“With awards season right around the corner, Misty is definitely a contender to keep an eye on,” stated veteran movie reviewer Don Houston of Xcritic.com.

“I think we’ll see Misty in some much bigger productions for some of the cable networks very soon,” Ryder predicted. “It’s hard to cross over from porn, but she will be the girl to do it if she wants to.”

“This has been an amazing year for me, with real scripts and great production,” she said. “I want to dive into more productions that are the real deal and have fun. I’m just a girl having a great time,” she said, “and it really is an honor to be getting such wonderful reviews.”

Misty Stone will join her friends and hundreds of other personalities from the adult movie industry on Halloween night at the Ecco Ultra Lounge, 1640 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood.

For more on Misty Stone, check out the entertaining interview from the movie Flight Attendants at Youtube.com/watch?v=M-MjmGZw1_.