LAS VEGAS, NV—The Palomino Club will host a special evening for its patrons and friends, partnering with renown Vodka brand Ketel One. The event, which features free shots for every VIP dance that patrons procure, hopes to bring patrons the best experience the gentlemen's club is known for.

The event will also be hosted by multi-award-nominated mainstream and adult star, EDM artist, health and fitness proponent and aerialist Nikki Phoenix, who appears in the August issue of Gallery magazine. The magazine, on newsstands now, features an autographed underwear giveaway, and Phoenix will be on hand to give away copies of her EDM single "My Addiction" at The Palomino Club as well as posting pictures of the event on her Twitter account.

"I've been so thankful for my fans, who have encouraged me to follow my goals, in both mainstream and adult, and who have been following my EDM music and aerialist careers as well," said Phoenix, "It's great to see that people accept me for all of my facets, and I'm very thankful for my fans, who have really contributed to the success of my website, my Snapgirlz account, and the rest of my endeavors. I'm especially excited to spend tonight at my favorite gentlemen's club, The Palomino Club, and want to also thank Ketel One for being part of this event and evening."

"We have always tried to provide the very best experience to our patrons," said Palomino marketing director Andrew Smith, "And we have worked very hard to create not only an upscale brand for our club, but also a reputation for treating our patrons like family, so it naturally made sense to partner with an exceptional Vodka brand like Ketel One... When we had the chance to create a special evening that would not only give our patrons the opportunity to enjoy our club, but enjoy Ketel One for free, I knew this was a win for everyone involved."

The Palomino Club, located at 1848 Las Vegas Blvd North, North Las Vegas 89030, always provides complementary in-house limousine service to and from the club to all patrons that call ahead as part of their philosophy of patrons first. However, in addition, tonight all VIP dances from 10 p.m. to midnight will feature a complimentary shot or drink courtesy of Ketel One. The Palomino Club, established in 1969, is one of the best-known gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas and the only club that serves alcohol while showcasing totally nude dancers. It also features specially priced bottle services to locals and free cover to military, fire and police patrons.

To visit the Palomino Club online, click here. They may also be reached at 702-327-7258.

As for Nikki Phoenix, it's been another busy month, as she's the latest girl to join Snapgirlz, which provides exclusive access to private social media to one's favorite stars.

"I was so flattered that Snapgirlz asked me to join them," said Nikki. "It gives me the opportunity to not only show racy things I wanted to show on my social media without getting into trouble, but also lets my fans see private moments in my life that could never be shared before. Whether it's my Lyra training, sneak peaks of me in the recording studio, private moments at home, great candid moments with my pets, or great behind the scenes from my latest movies and website shoots."

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