CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Packman Industries is proud to announce the Lisa Ann Signature Series 10-pack Collectors' Set. It's Lisa Ann at her best, showcasing this in demand adult star who's made some incredible movies.

"My approach," Packman Industries' co-founder Russ Pascale stated, "is that the collectors' sets are and always have been a great-selling item and have always had success. But this time I've done it differently: Inside the pack are Lisa Ann's best films. Generally, all collectors' sets are from one company and contain only their own movies. Well, Lisa Ann has done some great work for a lot of different producers, so I found it best to create a collection of her DVDs from several different companies—something which has never been done before. Titles like the famous Who's Nailin' Paylin? are included in this incredible set, along with titles from various companies she's done her best work for: No Man's Land MILF Edition from Video Team, All About Lisa Ann from Fusxion, and MILF Magnet 2 from Mercenary Films, just to name a few. The consumer can buy all these different Lisa Ann titles in one collectors' set."

"In my 30 years in the industry, I've never seen the business shift like it has in the past few years," Pascale continued. "Packman is designed to create the best collectors' sets on the market for the consumer to buy all at once. The internet is not a place where these sets will be available, so they have to actually go to the store and purchase it—and that's the goal. The packaging is second to none; that's also a key factor. But this is not just a 10-pack set. It can be sold as a 10-pack but it's also specially designed to break down into a counter display. It's the perfect size and look for any retailer to put right on their counter as a display box. This is something that's never been done before and I'm proud to introduce this quality product to the market. It's gonna be available second week of January; exact date to be announced."

Pascale also announced that Packman has other projects in the works of a similar nature.

"I have some incredible sets coming out from Metro and their top lines in January, and Anabolic is now shooting the new Gangbang Girl and Bring'um Young for January as well," Pascale said. "2012 is gonna be a busy year for Packman and its affiliates. Thanks to the artist I have used for a decade—Melissa Maynard; she is the best artist and I will never use anyone else—the look of all my projects will always be top rate. The way consumers have educated themselves on adult products, we here at Packman have adjusted to the industry and its changes and also to the consumer. I'm here to put out products that will help address the market's decline. Anyone can go on a site and watch adult material for free, but they can't get this beautiful collectors' set online for free! We're hoping releases like these will get consumers back into the retail stores and spend their money where it should be spent: In the stores! Teaming up with Anabolic and Metro was, I feel, the best thing for all of us. They are both amazing companies and I'm looking forward to the new things we have coming in 2012."

For sales information or to order the Lisa Ann Signature Series Collectors' Set, email or phone Russ Pascale at 888-499-9808.