HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—One lucky fan can win a date with starlet Sasha Heart in a new contest promoting her new Metro release, The Flying Pink Pig.

"I'm looking forward to this," Heart said. "I like meeting my fans anyway, and the chance for a night on the town in Hollywood with one of my fans can be a dream come true for both of us."

The winner and a friend (male and female applicants are welcome) get an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, and will be able to choose their hotel, restaurant and nightclub from a list of selected hotspots.

"They could also choose to have their date with another star of the movie," Heart said with a grin. "But I want it to be me." The contest is part of the promotion for Metro's new release The Flying Pink Pig, directed by Erica McLean. The DVD tells the story of the battle to own a food truck where "refills are free and sloppy seconds are on the house."

Presented by Cal Vista Pictures and Cheeky Monkey Productions, the two-disc DVD was released Feb. 8.

Fans are invited to friend Sasha on Facebook at Sasha Heart and Twitter at twitter.com/SashaHeart. Full details are available on the contest page at http://bit.ly/fppcontest.

"Check it out," Heart said. "And remember—creativity counts!"