SEATTLE—Spokesmodel and adult star Nikki Phoenix continues to blaze trails in the mainstream. Just after her successful EDM single release with DJ Nilsson the night of the AVN Awards Show, and unveiling her website,, Phoenix will walk the runway this weekend wearing the latest pieces from Twala Intimates at Chance Fashion: the Lingerie Collection.

The event, which will be held at Neighbours Seattle on Saturday at 7 p.m., is hosted by Chance Fashion and promoted as a creative connection for the fashion industry. In addition, Phoenix will walk the runway to her new EDM release so that attendees can not only see the latest pieces from Twala Intimates but also hear the Twala spokesmodel’s latest song release.

“I'm elated to be participating in this event! Chance Fashion has given many of the local fashion designers from the Northwest the opportunity to show their collections to the public and has been instrumental in giving many new designers and models their first exposure,” Phoenix said. “Given how far I have been able to come and how much I have been able to accomplish, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in an event that means so much to the community and help in any way I can.”

Phoenix added, “It's also a great moment for me, because I can combine two of my passions: music and fashion. I am really excited to be walking the runway for Twala Intimates wearing pieces from their latest collection, and to be doing it to my own song is something really, really special for me.”

Chance Fashion: the Lingerie Collection will be held at Neighbours Seattle, located at 1509 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122. To get tickets, go to

“It's also great to share some of my experiences with the other models and let them know that you really can do anything you set your mind to, and to remind them that no one can tell you what your limits are,” Phoenix said. “If you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.”

Phoenix and DJ Nilsson will be back at work this coming week in Las Vegas on the radio-safe version of their new single, “My Addiction,” as well as working hard on the completion of their upcoming album collaboration. The song, which will debut later this month on Beatport and ITunes, will be heavily promoted in airplay not only in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Seattle, but also at the upcoming Ultra Music Festival.

"I very, very excited that after many years of being part of the EDM community, I had the opportunity to really start making the kind of music I wanted to make,” said DJ Nilsson. “And it’s made even better because I’ve really found a great partner in Nikki. Not only does she have a passion of EDM like I do, she can sing, and she’s written all of our lyrics to our songs, so it’s fair to say that she is much, much more than just a pretty face.”

He added, “I’m really looking forward to the rest of this year, the release of our album, and the upcoming Ultra Music Festival.”

Phoenix is also enjoying the fruits of having launched her flagship site,, for which she has been shooting content the past year. In addition to many personal touches and information on her schedule, features unique content.

"I'm so thankful for my fans. They have been so loyal and supported me in my journey, on both my mainstream and adult paths. I really wanted to give them a website that showed them not only the things I'm interested in and the things I'm doing, but also give them content that they couldn't get anywhere else,” Phoenix said.

She added, “Not only will you get to see just how much I really love girls, but also awesome boy/girl content and more that I reserved just for my site and my site alone. My site will be the only place where you can see this side of me—and just how naughty I can be. Because my fans have been so loyal, I wanted to give them a place where they can see me explore my sexuality and do things you won't see anywhere else in the adult market."

In addition to her music career and her work as spokesmodel for Twala, Phoenix’s mainstream exploits include appearances in mainstream movies, serving as the voice of Accele Electronics and Crimestopper Security Products, and numerous mainstream billboard campaigns. It has already been a busy year for Phoenix. For more on the adult star, go to these sites:

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