SAN FRANCISCO—Reigning Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz is an extremely popular entertainer and model, and she has the Twitter followers to prove it. Fans who can't get enough Nikki Benz follow her on the social networking site, where they get a daily dose of Nikki news in addition to her trademark humor.

These ardent fans are a rapidly growing group whose numbers recently reached a historic milestone. Nikki's Twitter followers now number more than one hundred thousand and the total just keeps climbing.

“It means a lot to have reached over 100 thousand followers," said Nikki. "My Twitter followers, who are also known as Benz Mafia, are amazing. I want to thank everyone for their support! I tweet often, usually about my career, my personal life, sports, my love for music and Starbucks. I often post sexy pictures and talk a lot about sex. It's a perfect balance of everything that's fun and interesting."

Nikki's fans can get a closer look at their favorite adult entertainer this week when she heads to San Francisco for a three-night dance engagement at Crazy Horse. From June 16-18, Nikki will be doing five shows at the spectacular club. As always, Nikki will be available after her stage shows to sign autographs, meet fans and offer exclusive memorabilia including her Penthouse Pet of the Year issue.

"Following me on Twitter is fun," said Nikki. "But my live shows are always special. I love meeting my fans and putting on a live show for them gives me a great sense of personal satisfaction. Hopefully the feeling is mutual."

Come see Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz at Crazy Horse in San Francisco June 16-18 and don't forget to join the growing legion of Benz Mafia followers on Twitter. Crazy Horse Gentleman's Club is located at 980 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-4012, (415) 771-6259 

For more Nikki, check out her personal website and her popular social hangout.