Sovereign Syre used to be a New York art model and a college professor, but she always behaved herself. Now that she’s an adult entertainment performer, she can pretend to provide students with all kinds of assistance, which is what her newest project, Lesbian Guidance Counselor will define in definitely non-union-approved ways.

When the release begins filming in December, it will be the first in a new series from Nica Noelle’s new girl/girl line, Candy Girl Films and depict Syre as an oversexed student counselor at an all-girl college. 

According to Noelle, the series was inspired by Syre, who has a strong background in academia and even taught at a university before being discovered as a model in NYC. 

“When Sovereign told me she’d had a brief stint as a college professor, my imagination went a little crazy,” says Noelle. “Just imagine going to your first day of class to find this incredible sex bomb of a teacher and then realizing she’s more brilliant than anyone you’ve ever met. It’s a porn fantasy waiting to happen.”

"I was 21 when I started working at University,” Syre recalls, “and my students could be quite amorous. Ethics required me to say no, but I'm delighted to get to play the kind of woman who would say yes."

Many of the scenarios featured in the series will be inspired by Syre's real interactions with her former students, the model says.

"My series will be based on real experiences and real fantasies, which is everything Nica is about." Syre explains."[Noelle's] movies unite the arousal of libido and emotions rather than divorce them."

Syre, who is known to NY photographers as “The Face” for her stunning symmetrical features and striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie, shoots exclusively for Noelle and Candy Girl Films.

“Sovereign is something of a muse to me,” Noelle explains. “Her mind, her face, her body, her depth, her commitment… I’ve never met anyone like her. There isn’t anyone like her.”