After a six-year hiatus, award-winning director Nic Cramer is back from Sweden and in the Los Angeles area. Cramer is shopping for opportunities to direct, and is currently in talks with several companies to realize his goal.

Cramer's work was frequently nominated from 1992 to 2006, winning awards for best director, best editing, and best screenplay to name a few. Those who remember films like Looker, A Clockwork Orgy and the highest-budgeted adult film ever made, Operation Sex Siege, can understand why.

"I found I missed the sets, the productions… it's just a lot of fun to shoot and I found myself missing it," said Cramer. "I'm looking to get behind the camera as a director primarily, but I want to get into production. You know how it works with production; you direct, you write, you supervise the editing, sometimes you do the first or second camera, so you are an auteur in this business… putting the whole thing together short of performing."

Cramer's insightful eye is still sharp, as anyone can tell who talks with him. He went on to say, "Filmmaking is what I'm looking to get back into. I have some ideas for projects and I want to see if I can still contribute in this business if they want to have me. I would like to do a gonzo line, but I'm certainly not opposed to getting back to features if there are any budgets."

The trouble is, after six years, most of Cramer's contacts, both email addresses and phone numbers, have been changed or lost. He is looking for people to contact him as he reaches out to the industry.

Those who remember Nic, and especially those who may want to work with him, are requested to contact him by email here. He can also be reached on FaceBook here and on Twitter.

For those who are new to the business and are not familiar with Nic Cramer, here are a few quotes from film critics about his work:

"Nic Cramer lives up to his reputation… crafting raw, slick, sophisticated adult entertainment." —Lief Rock, AVN
"Watching Nic Cramer direct is like being at a killer rock concert."—from an AVN "On the Set" article
"Nic Cramer directed Nikita Denise in a scene that was so hot I had to have a cigarette afterwards… and I don't even smoke!" —Steve Nelson, Adult Industry News (

Lists of Nic Cramer's work can be found online here, here and here.