VENICE, CA — Roxanne Rae may be holed up trying to maintain her 4.0 GPA through midterms, but she won't be pigeonholed as just another brainiac sex maniac with glasses. 

“Is Roxanne a nerd,” her violin teacher repeated. “That’s crazy talk! Anyone who has ever heard her discuss Arcangelo Corelli’s disdain for playing high notes or conversed with her regarding Niccolo Paganini’s octave leaps will certainly know that Miss Roxanne is no nerd. Heavens, no!”

Her nerd status aside, Both Ends 2 by Digital Sin will be released later month and it features Rae. This is a follow-up to her 11-orgasm performance in My Anal Schoolgirl 2 from Digital Sin that had Erik Everhard pounding her.

“It was a mind-blowing scene,” Rae said. “I think I was a little loopy in the head for a couple days. That’s when you know you’ve really had your bell rung!”

Rae will be in Los Angeles from March 13 - 27. Contact her agents at Ideal Management at 818-886-4424 for booking details.