HOLLYWOOD—To say that CoCo Brown has had an adventurous career might be the understatement of the decade. The beautiful CoCo Brown seems to have lived multiple lives and had a myriad of careers all while garnering a huge fan base and reinventing herself only to become more popular than ever. CoCo thrives on a thirst for adventure, and has never backed down from a challenge, whether it was filming top-selling XXX movies, creating music with industry greats or exploring the new frontier and training to become an astronaut. Sounds a little unbelievable, but that's how CoCo has lived her life and the results are "out of this world."

CoCo Brown began the first tier of her mulit-faceted career as a dancer in one of Las Vegas' most famous clubs, Deja Vu. It was there an adult producer noticed her natural beauty and electrifying personality. CoCo was offered a role in an XXX movie, an offer she accepted a few months later. She filmed her first adult movie under the name "Honey Love" and was an instant success. Her first movie role quickly spiraled into another 40 films, multiple award nominations and a Venus Award win in 2002 for "Best New Starlet."

Her adult career moved her to Germany when she retooled her brand, changing her name to CoCo Brown. She remained a successful XXX performer but started to cross over into mainstream work with a myriad of television appearances and modeling gigs for men's magazines all over the world. Among her many successes, CoCo's lifelong love for music started to come to fruition. She was cast in a music video by a top music producer which led to the start of her career. Since then CoCo has worked with popular musicians such as OG MellyMell, Donte Cater, Gooch and Wu Tang Clan.

"We are thrilled that CoCo Brown has joined the Star Factory PR family," said Tanya Tate, owner of Star Factory PR. "She's beautiful and she's daring. She's not afraid to try new things and because of that, she has had a career that many people can only dream about. She's done well in so many different industries and we're happy to help her build her brand and promote the multi-faceted career she's built. And of course, her newest venture is so exciting, we're going to have tons of fun promotion and learning about CoCo's venture into space."

And her fans are just as excited to know about CoCo's journey to becoming an astronaut. CoCo is in training with the company Space Expedition Corporation to become the first adult star and second African-American woman to fly into outer space. Scheduled to depart in 2014, CoCo is tackling the "last frontier," adding an chapter onto her already diverse career. If her audiences didn't already think space was sexy, CoCo is making sure it gets a reputation change.

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