Mr. Angel chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate and porn pioneer, Buck Angel. His confronting work and style has outraged the public with his insistence that he is simply “a man... who happens to have a vagina.” Buck has faced a lifetime of opposition, yet lives his truth without compromise or apology.

Buck was born a biological female, but as early as he can remember, knew he was male on the inside. Even his parents raised him as a boy until he reached puberty. That’s when the conflict began, which escalated to extreme drug and alcohol abuse and multiple suicide attempts. In the midst of this volatile period, he became an internationally renowned female model, a lifestyle that only compounded his drug use and unresolved gender identity issues.

His addiction spiraled out of control and he ended up homeless in Los Angeles, prostituting himself to support his habit. This is where he hit bottom and had to address his gender identity head on. For him, it became a life or death decision; he chose to live.

Ten years ago, Buck created a new genre within the adult entertainment industry as the Man with a Vagina. Mr. Angel chronicles six years of Buck’s life as he challenges the industry to become a porn star, meets with his parents for a revealing and emotional reunion, and spends time at home with his wife Elayne and their seven dogs.

This feature-length (68 min.) documentary explores Buck’s moving story to understand the complexities of someone who overcomes incredible obstacles, then shamelessly seeks the spotlight and its backlash, to share his message of self-acceptance and empowerment. This is an inspirational story of rare perseverance and an unlikely hero.

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