PORN VALLEY—Two new releases from Mike Hunt, Look Mom, My First Black Penis and Duke Fuckem, A Hardcore Video Game Parody are ready to knock your pants off!

This is no joke. Jim Powers has found three brand-spanking new girls who really truly are filmed having their first black penis! This is the truth!

Check out the looks on these girls' faces when they meet a dick of another color. You may not see a couple of them do any more scenes; they may have just wanted to check out the difference between flavors of chocolate and vanilla. Do you recognize them? I don’t think so.

In one girl's scene, she is truly amazed. It was literally her first week in the business and now she's gone. Another was a hooker from the Bunny Ranch who had never been with black guy.

Starring in Look Mom, My First Black Penis is Nora Skyy, Holly, Scarlett, and Alyssa Branch. See these little white girls get their first taste of chocolate. Jim Powers has gone out of his way to find these girls for real sex scenes. If you like little white girls with giant dick black guys, you will love this DVD.

Duke Fuckem, A Hardcore Video Game Parody is a DVD directed by Ralph Long, modeled after the "Duke Nukem" video game of 1991, and stars Abella Anderson, Codi Carmichael, cover girl Stevie Shae, Bella Reese, Jamey Janes, Ralph Long, cameos from popular people, and in the lead role as "Dick Fuckem," the legendary Ron Jeremy.

The premise of this DVD, just like any good video game, is that evil clown-aliens from outer space want earth girls, and the hero kills them graphically and has sex with babes! You will slip yourself into Dick Fuckem's shoes as he slips his huge boner into the hot and horny girls in this goofy XXX shoot-em-up game parody. Dick Fuckem, portrayed by the ever wisecracking Ron Jeremy, is up for anything these cock-hungry sluts can dish out. And he's got balls of iron! So when you step into his shoes, be ready for a POV ride of your life!

We open with Dick Fuckem watching the "Porno Channel" where Codi Carmichael is blowing and fucking in a great point-of-view scene. Her killer body and awesome tits are incredible from this POV angle. Right after this, aliens take over the Porno Channel, and that really ticks off Dick Fuckem!

When the clown aliens attack, Dick is teleported with a youth serum to fuck all the chicks and kill evil alien clowns.

Next, Bella Reese is hot and erotic with a double dose of sex before getting captured by aliens. The plot thickens like coagulated alien-clown blood until Abella Anderson shoots 'em up and then saves the day and fucks the good guy. This girl brings new meaning to "hot" with her smokin' performance! Abella fucks and gyrates in reverse cowgirl so hot you won't wait for the popshot! Then she shoots a clown on the TV.

In the strip club, aliens attack stripper Stevie Shae, where they get blood-splatteringly shot by Dick Fuckem, who then tips the stripper. Stevie is so grateful that she blows him and they have sex. Stevie Shae is a gorgeous, petite, blonde spinner who is a dream to watch!

Then the youth serum wears off and Dick Fuckem has to kill clowns with a shotgun. After an exhausting day of gore, Dick has a scene with Jamey Janes who comes in with some kind of Russian accent and rewards Dick Fuckem with sex.

This DVD has everything the real video game has, plus hot explicit sex with real girls. Check out the trailers here and here.

So take your turn to bludgeon alien clowns into paste and grab a weapon to splatter a few of those clown bastards! Then kick back and claim your reward from one of the willing babes. There's tons of fucking action in this XXX parody!

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Ralph Long's Duke Fuckem will street January 11, and Jim Powers' Look Mom, My First Black Penis will street January 25. For these new classics, and any other titles from Mike Hunt Productions, please email Danny Gorman or call him at 818-280-3700.