LOS ANGELES—Recently retired adult film star Mariah Milano has signed on to host her own show on the growing online radio station HotTalkLA along with former Penthouse Pet and L.A. radio personality Sam Phillips, host of The Single Life.  

Milano said the shows' title says it all: "Mariah Milano: Unfiltered. Can you handle the truth?" 

"We approached Mariah because she's an entrepreneur and an excellent communicator," said Jack Sullivan, HotTalkLA's founder and CEO. "She has a very unique take on the world that should translate into fresh, riveting shows with an original point-of-view."

The basis of the show will be the always outspoken and opinionated Milano doing a weekly show with subjects ranging from her 14 years of experience in the adult film world and many controversial in your face topics such as plastic surgery, self-shot photos on social networks, porn stars escorting, the public view of people working in porn and whatever else comes to mind.

"I have always had my own way of thinking and people seem to respect  me for it. They don't always like what I say but at least I have the balls to say it and stand behind it," Milano said, "and that seems to resonate with most people. I am not going to do a show that is just me talking shit because I don't want it to be negative. I want to use this opportunity to say things that I feel need to be said. I am not out to hurt people's feelings or to insult anyone. Well, unless they deserve it!"

Milano's show also will have a segment on food and travel that ties in to her enormously successful new project DinnerWithaPornstar.com that features travel blogs and cooking videos as well as hotel and restaurant reviews from her travels around the world.