ERIE, Pa.—Maddy G Productions is not out to make another midget porn, even though Stella Marie, the pint-sized star blonde terror of’s hit series Bang a Midget, has signed to guest star on porn’s first sitcom, Inside Marie’s Play Place.

The series has taken off, and the next edition is going to a whole new level with the addition of Stella Marie. Stella will be playing a character who just happens to be a midget. Shooting for Inside Marie’s Play Place 4 will begin at the end of February for the website, and a special-edition DVD is planned for the fall to be released through Pulse Distribution.

“I haven’t officially met Stella Marie yet, but I’m excited to meet her and so is the rest of my crew,” says MILF performer and director Marie Madison. “Inside Marie’s Play Place is not only unique but also hugely popular, and our audience is growing daily. And the addition of Stella is going to make for a stellar fourth episode. When I heard she was shopping for new projects, I jumped at the chance to pitch our sitcom to her.

“Although she’s famous for her work in the midget fetish genre, that’s not why I was interested in working with her,” Madison explains. “This episode could almost be considered anti-midget porn. Her appearance on Inside Marie’s Play Place 4 is going to be something people will be talking about for some time to come.”

“The thing that made me most excited about working with Marie was that she told me she wasn’t looking to make a midget porn,” says Stella Marie. “She sent me a script (which is rare in this industry) and started talking to me about the character, approach and her vision for this part. That’s when I knew this was going to be something very unique.”

Maddy G Productions is distributed exclusively through Pulse Distribution. Inside Marie’s Play Place 3 was released this week. To purchase this title and many other Maddy G Productions titles, contact Hyland Church at or (888) 998-0961.