Identical twin porn stars Lacey and Lyndsey Love, aka "The Love Twins," have left Gold Star modeling.

Several months ago, the twins were to have joined Gold Star as part of the launch of its New York offices. The deal fell through and the sisters are back with their original management company, Blue Max Models, which pre-dates their days as Vivid Girls.

"We were really surprised to hear about the Gold Star thing. We really just signed with them and haven't had the chance to work with them at all," said Lacey Love. "We actually had no idea we were no longer with Gold Star until a friend told us that they went to the Gold Star website to book us for a movie they were going to shoot in March and we weren't listed there anymore. Up until that point, as far as we knew we were headed to LA for the first week of February and everything was fine."

The Love Twins will now be heading to Florida.

"Our manager got us some bookings there," Lyndsey said. "We are really kind of excited about going this month. We love the beach and if we have time, we are so going to do the tourist thing."  

Lacey and Lyndsey Love began their adult career in 2005 when they signed a one-year exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment. Their Vivid film Two Hot was nominated in 2006 for an AVN Award as Best Sex Comedy. 

For more about the sisters, visit the Love Twins website, which has recently been relaunched. 

For bookings, contact Blue Max Models.