LOS ANGELES, CA — Fresh from the successful release of their parody debut, Vote for Rush, Ogee Studios has announced that it is in pre-production on its second parody, Little Rascals XXX

"This movie is going to be a big deal and we are really looking forward to its release,” says Ogee Studios owner, Mike Kulich. “I don't think people are ready to see Alfalfa and Buckwheat DP'ing Darla in the clubhouse... but it's coming." 

"The success and reception of Vote For Rush was overwhelming,” he adds, “and this is a movie I have wanted to make since the whole parody genre really kicked into high gear a few years back.” 

Ogee is also in talks with some of the original cast members from the 1994 mainstream production released by Universal Pictures about making cameos in the adult production, which is planning for a September release date. 

OGEE Studios is exclusively distributed by Exile Distribution.