VENICE, Calif.—It’s not often that a superstar the likes of Lisa Ann promises to open herself up to each and every question a fan could possibly think to ask, but that’s exactly what she’ll be doing this weekend when she chats on this Labor Day.

“I know most people like to take holidays off, but it’s just not my style,” Lisa says. “I’m going to take the opportunity to let my fans ask their most intimate questions, and since I expect most of them will be taking time off for the holiday, there better be some sizzling questions coming my way. I am ready!”

Aside from divulging many of her most curious secrets on the show, she will also be announcing her entry into the Twitterverse, so if you want to know what the real Lisa Ann’s Twitter account is, tune in Monday night.

“There are a bunch of people who claim to be me on Twitter, and it’s really unfair to people who really want to know what I’m up to,” she says. “This will allow them to know the information is coming directly from me and get rid of any confusion that is out there now.”

Otherwise Lisa has had a relatively quiet week (by her standards), though she did work on a major upcoming feature for Digital Playground and for the first time worked with hot new stud Dane Cross in Adam & Eve’s My First MILF #2, directed by David Lord.

Lisa’s show will run 6 to 7 p.m. PST on Monday, Sept. 7 on