HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Lisa Ann is coming to the Improv tonight to be featured on Sam Tripoli’s Naughty Show.

Jackass star Steve O, Sam Tripoli, Jim Florentine, Julia Lillis and Bunny Fever are a few of the others who will be entertaining at the Naughty 15 show, which starts at 10 p.m.

“You won’t last long in the adult business without a sense of humor,” Lisa Ann said. “I’m a fan of so many people on the bill that it can’t help but be a good time…and everyone knows I love a good time!”

The Improv show will be the centerpiece of a great week for Lisa Ann who kicked it off with some football at the Jets vs. Dolphins game, followed by a star-studded party at LIV in Miami.

This week she shot for Sweetheart Films, Naughty America and content for her website.

The Hollywood Improv is located at 8162 Melrose Avenue.