NEW YORK—Porn star Lexi Love, best known for her ability to squirt, had her female ejaculate tested by Sirius XM Howard 101 talk show host Dr Harry Fisch. Fisch’s intent was to prove to known squirt-lover and Howard Stern Show staffer, Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund, that the main component of “squirt” is urine. The results were announced on The Howard Stern Show last week—indeed, the doe-eyed beauty’s secretion proved positive for urine.

Love was booked on Dr Harry Fisch’s show to promote her board game, “Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes,” and to discuss exactly how she makes her squirt, its consistency and the sensation of the strong orgams. Dr Fisch still wasn’t convinced that the young lady who has starred in The Great American Squirt Off and Squirt Gangbang 3 and 4 was producing a pure female ejaculate, and asked if she could come by his office in Manhattan, masturbate in an examination room and have it tested to clear the debate once and for all. Love, ever the good sport, accepted his invitation.

“I never knew that there was so much debate, awe, and controversy around female ejaculation - also known as squirt,” said Love, who has appeared on several Sirius XM shows in the last month to promote “Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes,” including The Lazlow Show on The Virus Channel, The Covino and Rich Show on The Indie Channel, as well as Sway in the Morning and Show Off Radio on The Shade 45 Channel. Love will be also be appearing next month on The All Out Show with Lord Sear and Rude Jude, also on Shade 45.

According to Dr Fisch, a sample was taken of Love’s urine, prior to the porn star masturbating and squirting alone in one of his examination rooms. The doctor then took her 20cc’s of her squirt fluid and measured the fluid and the urine for creatinine, which was found to be present in both her urine and squirt. The result was announced first thing in the morning on The Howard Stern Show—and although Ronnie Mund took a ribbing from Stern Show staffers, it didn’t change the fact that he still loves squirt, and the skill of making women ejaculate.

“I wonder how these results are going to affect my personal life, as well as other people’s personal life," added Love. "I’m sure a lot of people will be just as surprised as I was that my squirt was scientifically proven to be urine."

Fans can follow Lexi Love on her website,, and on Twitter here and here, and can also purchase her board game, Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes, here or here.