NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA — Legend Video has announced it is now shipping the company’s first showcase title The Best of Alana Evans.

The new partnership with Monarchy Distribution calls for one title per month which showcases one performer in a number of scenes shot throughout her career.

"The preorders for The Best of Alana Evans have been through the roof," said Monarchy owner Mike Kulich. "For a true Alana Evans fan to go out and find all 10 of these scenes would cost a lot of money, energy, and time, and to finally get all of them they would have to buy 10 separate DVDs. In addition, some of the older scenes in this video came from now defunct companies and are no longer available. For any true Alana Evans fan, this is the best product on the market to get the best of Alana and see some of her steamiest sexiest scenes that have been shot throughout her career."

The debut title from the new line includes 10 scenes ranging from the beginning of Evan's career to more recently shot footage. It includes boy/girl, anal, lesbian, and threesomes.

Distributors and Retailers can order the title through Legend Video by contacting Bruce.