NEW YORK—Adult star Lexi Love has been named the official “Spokes Star” for infamous adult industry publication, WHACK! Magazine.

She’s teamed up with the “most pretentious pack of pornographers the world has ever seen,” and they’ll be taking to the streets of New York to produce all-new comedy videos and exclusive articles.

Love will star in a new comedy series on the site, Loving Lexi, starting soon, and she’ll be lending a hand in many of the magazine’s other endeavors, too. The magazine has already tailed her famous tail in several videos and exclusive articles, and there will be more to come.

“WHACK! Magazine and I are hilarious, hot, sexy, and a little geeky,” Love said. “We’re taking over New York City like the gang of perverts we are. I love WHACK! Magazine. They’re just as dirty as me; they say exactly what’s on their minds about sex and the adult industry, and they’ll be my next adventure. They have a voice that is distinctly their own, and the same sense of sick humor as me—plus the same rock ‘n’ roll, hot as hell vision. WHACK! will be documenting my NYC sexploits, and I’ll be there giving my sexy ass up to whatever perverted vision this hilarious group of degenerates dreams up. We are going to put it in your face.”

WHACK! Magazine is a weekly satirical publication focusing on the adult entertainment industry and all of its perverted participants. Featuring interviews, DVD and tube site reviews, product reviews, feature stories, op-ed pieces, and delightfully offensive signature segments, WHACK! was born in September 2009.

“With our fearless voice, our satirical and serious articles, and our desire to keep putting out the best damn magazine in the business, we are so excited to be working with Lexi in an official capacity,” said Editorial Director Jack Hoff.

Editor-in-Chief Miss Lagsalot added: “Lexi is talented, extremely professional, driven, and yet hardcore as hell. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to partner with her—just like you all wish you could.”