LOS ANGELES—LAX Models has added five industry veterans to its roster: Kurt Lockwood, Jennifer White, Diamond Kitty, Havana Ginger and Mark Ashley.

“We are very pleased to add some experienced talent to our roster,” said co-owner Sophia Santi, former Digital Playground contract star and Penthouse Pet. “With over 15 awards and over 30 years combined experience, these are the kind of performers producers can rely on for excellent scenes.”

LAX Models has been focused on bringing in more experience models in addition to fresh models, to round out their roster. “We want to have a complete offering of models to fill the producers' needs," added Scott Andrew, founder and co-owner of LAX Models. "We will be seeking as many industry veterans as we can to make sure we have models they need to create great work in a very competitive environment.”

Lockwood was the first of the five vets to join LAX last week. "I’ve known Scott from LAX for two decades and we’ve always had a really great working relationship," he said. "Now work with him and Sophia at LAX to represent and promote me as male talent is a very natural and positive transition that I just know is going to yield good things, I'm stoked!"

Andrew commented in response, “Kurt and I go way back.  He is seriously one of the best woodsman in the biz.  He couldn’t be more perfect for what we are looking for from male performers."

Jennifer White, one of the most unsung female performers in the industry, said, “I’m so excited to kick off my biggest year yet with LAX Models. I really want to make this year a new breakout year for me. LAX is the perfect fit for what I need right now.”

Sophia Santi added, “Jennifer is truly one of the most outstanding models in the business. She always gives 110 percent to every scene she does.”

Coming back after just over a year off veteran performer and producer, Mark Ashley decided it was time to return to performing. “After a year of much needed rest," he said, "I’m back to doing what I do best! I'm excited to come back into the biz with LAX representing me. I would like to thank the fans of porn for encouraging me to keep pursuing what I love and the industry for welcoming me back from hiatus.”

Also coming back after some time off is also Diamond Kitty, who commented, “I took a break from the industry for almost a year.  But now I’m ready to come back again. I’m very excited to be part of the LAX Models rooster and I can’t wait for what 2014 has in-store for me."

“We are carefully building a new type of agency," added Santi. "We understand producers are under a lot of pressure to deliver ever increasing high quality scenes. Our job is provide the models who can fulfill these increasing demands. Models need a reliable, professional agency looking to help them find the jobs ideally suited for them and to help them build their brands. We encourage all models looking for this to apply today!”

For more information on LAX Models, call (818" 279-2179 or email info@laxmodels.com.