LOS ANGELESLA Direct Models has signed adult model and star Freddy Mandingo to an exclusive deal. A native of Los Angeles, the now East Coast-based Mandingo has made his mark on the adult industry as an actor and producer since entering the business 10 years ago. 

“I take such pride and admiration in being able to work in the adult industry,” said Mandingo. “I am really able to enjoy my art in the way it is intended and be an inspiration for my wonderful fans.  And now, having signed on with LA Direct Models is a blessing. This is the best agency in the business with worldwide presence. I’m excited to work with them and connect with my fans on even higher levels.”

“Signing Freddy Mandingo was a no-brainer for the agency,” says Derek Hay, owner and founder of LA Direct Models. “He is one of the biggest names in the industry and is a much welcomed addition to our leading roster of talent. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Freddy.”

“At this stage in my career, 10 years in the business and at the age of 36, I've done a lot of work on my own,” Mandingo added. “From being a newcomer in a highly regarded industry, and making a name for myself, to becoming a producer and actor, is a great task in itself.”

Mandingo, who joined the industry in 1999, has starred in a number of videos for Rodney Moore, and also worked with such companies as Red Light District (where he signed an exclusive contract back in 2006 to perform and direct for Red Light and its other labels, Platinum X and Candy Shop), West Coast Productions and Jules Jordan, among many other heralded studios.

“To truly be connected with your industry is a great feeling, a sense of pride and admiration,” Mandingo continued. “Now, at this stage in my career, I am really able to enjoy my art in the way intended; to be an uplift and inspiration to my wonderful fans and be of great service to my industry.  Being brought on to a company like LA Direct Models is a culmination of being able to enjoy all the wonders our industry has to offer.”

Mandingo is available now for booking, exclusively through LA Direct Models.