VENICE, Calif. — There isn't much that super performer Kylie Ireland hasn't yet done on camera. The legendary adult performer has a dirty streak in her that would undoubtedly make the hardest streetwalking whore blush to witness.

That's why when she decided to direct her first feature, The Porn Principal (for new company Night Moods), and cast herself in one of the scenes, she knew she had to pull out all stops.

“I like to put myself into my own scenes because then I get to be the dirty girl I want to be,” Ireland says.

The scene focused around Kylie's wedding, with a surprising twist — the groom and the priest end up violating the bride during the ceremony.

“It’s a little bit as if Tim Burton were to direct a porn scene,” Ireland explains. “I bought a wedding dress and had it altered to be a straight jacket, and the scene opens with me bound before the alter, arms outstretched and wrapped in vines of black roses. After the vows are exchanged we move right to the rough blowjob!”

The scene only gets harder from there, with Steve Holmes and Marco Banderas by turns performing double vag and double anal on the fiery redhead. The finale of the scene involves both men finishing in a tarnished silver champagne wedding flute that Kylie uses to toast the occasion before drinking it.

“I love being a filthy whore in front of the camera,” Ireland giggles, “and it is so easy with two great performers like Steve and Marco, I just couldn’t get enough!”

It's no accident that Ireland performed her scene before opening up her casting call to talent. Consider it a litmus test for other performers as to what will be expected of them in a Kylie Ireland movie. For the filthiest girl in porn it was just another challenge to conquer.

“Performing and directing a scene is always difficult,” Ireland says. “I want to immerse myself in the scene, yet a piece of my mind has to remain in the director’s chair, making sure I get all the footage needed. I really have to communicate to my crew — especially my director of photography, my AD and my cameramen — about what I want and need, and they are wonderful at working with me to make sure we get everything necessary.”

In addition to being excited about directing her first feature, Kylie is also excited about being nominated for XRCO MILF of the Year 2009, an honor she sincerely hopes to capture and add to her groaning trophy case.

“Keep your fingers crossed that I get it,” Kylie pleads. “I really want to win this one!”

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