NEW YORK—Kendra Lust spoke to men’s entertainment website last week in an candid interview released just in time for Mother’s Day.

On being over 30 and being cast as a MILF:

“In the porn world you have like the really young girls and then you have the girls that are 26, 27 and older and they’re considered MILF’s. I don’t really worry too much about labels.” Said Lust, “Technically, if you have a child and you’re hot you can be a MILF but when I think of a MILF I think of like a 40 year old woman. I think of cougars as 50 and up. It’s just weird I guess. I embrace it and run with it. I’m in my 30’s so I guess technically I’m a MILF. (Laughs).”

On what drove her to break into the adult entertainment industry two years ago after a successful career as a registered nurse:

“I got sick and fucking tired of living my life like everybody else wanted me to. I went to college and graduated. I had a career and was a professional. I was a registered nurse for 7 years. I felt kind of trapped and I just wanted to unleash and it got to the point where I just didn’t give a shit. I decided I wanted to do something for me so I took the plunge and here I am.”

The interview also reveals how Lust prefers to lead with a blowjob than a kiss on the second or third date and that her most outrageous sexual experience involved four men and one cup.

To read the rest of the chat with the gorgeous midwest MILF-Next-Door, visit here.

Men’s Mag Daily reporter Jon DeBove writes, “Whether it’s her stunningly gorgeous face, her insanely toned and perfect body, her beautiful smile, or her out of this world performances, this is one lady who has the total package.”

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