LAS VEGAS—On Saturday, Kayla-Jane Danger took off in her modified Mercedes C250 as part of the goldRush Rally. It started in San Francisco and entered the Los Angeles area Sunday and will roar out of the area today to head for Vegas. The rally will be in Las Vegas June 10-12, Dallas, TX on June 12-13, Memphis, TN June 13-14, St. Louis, MO on June 14-15 and the finish line is Chicago, IL on June 15. There will also be a stop at the Spring Mountain Race Track, before arriving Vegas on June 10. For more details and where to meet the participants as they speed through your town, click here.

“We got off to a great start on Saturday, and it’s been a wild ride so far,” Danger said. “I was excited to roll into Los Angeles and the streets were packed with people when we arrived. My fans in the L.A. area had a chance to see us off this morning and they were up bright and early to say goodbye.”

Kayla is the spokesmodel for the rally as well as a participant this year. Watch her Twitter for her personal updates and insights about her time on the road. She’s driving her newly modified Mercedes C250 with a Misha Wide Body Kit, featuring the first set of Misha Wheels on the road. Her ride was assembled, molded and painted by RDB Los Angeles.

Check out Kayla-Jane on her website, as well as on FetLife, and look for her in Zalman King’s film, Pleasure or Pain, set to debut this winter on Cinemax. She has also completed a novel based on the screenplay.

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