BURBANK, Calif.Digital Playground contract superstar Kayden Kross makes her debut in the highly popular Breaking Bad television series. Newly released on DVD and Blu-Ray is Breaking Bad Season 5 which includes an additional scene created exclusively for this release, titled "Chicks 'N' Guns."

Breaking Bad is the award winning television program created and produced by Vince Gilligan. Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad is the story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime. As the showʼs fifth season is released on DVD and Blu-Ray, an exclusive added scene has been included to reveal more of the show's story. The scene provides a pivotal bit of backstory on the relationship between Jesse (Paul) and drug-making/dealing mastermind Walter White (Cranston). The scene marks Kaydenʼs introduction to the series as Jesse's dancer friend.

"It was truly an honor to take part of such an acclaimed and highly regarded show," said Kayden. "Everyone in the cast and crew was amazing and intimidatingly talented. I never slept so hard as I slept at the end of that shoot."

A behind the scenes clip of the "Chicks 'N' Guns" video can currently be seen on YahooTV. The two minute presentation delves into the genesis of the new scene and how it fits into Season 5 of the show. Kayden is showcased and introduced into the Breaking Bad universe. "Kayden was super professional," said Breaking Bad writers' assistant Gordon Smith in the BTS video.

Breaking Bad Season 5 featuring Kayden Kross in "Chicks 'N' Guns" makes its home media release this week. YahooTVʼs behind the scenes clip can be seen here.

As Breaking Bad Season 5 is released on home media, Kayden turns up the heat in Digital Playgroundʼs erotic romantic comedy Bridesmaids. Lensed by acclaimed director Robby D., Bridesmaids is a tale of best girlfriends who come together to share a special moment; a wedding day. But before the bride can walk down the aisle, competing maids of honor Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross square off in a set of time honored traditions. A feisty fitting that features a horny back room fling, a wild bachelorette party where the male-strippers aren't safe from the over-heated honeys and a bridal shower that ends with the girls in jail! Bridesmaids is bundled as a special gift set that also features a Cal Exotics Mini Vibe-to-Go, making it an all-in-one sexy night of fun package. It has begun shipping and is set to be released on June 11.

The NSWF trailer for Bridesmaids can be currently seen on the Digital Playground Press Site.

The SFW version of the Bridesmaids trailer is available for viewing on the Digital Playground Youtube Channel.

Adult entertainment superstar Kayden Kross continues to raise her mainstream media profile as she shines seductively in the Breaking Bad Season 5 box set.

For a promotional image of Kayden Kross, click here.

Pictured: Kayden Kross behind the scenes of Chicks 'N' Guns