GLENDALE, Calif.—Digital Playground contract star Kayden Kross continues to make a solid mainstream presence by starring in the lesbian drama web-series Girl/Girl Scene.

Created by Tucky Williams, Girl/Girl Scene is a reflection of the lesbian culture in middle America. The show follows the lives of a group of young lesbians, their experiences and loves. Kross stars as Avery, who falls in with the narcissistic and arrogant, Evan.

“I played a new girl in town named Avery who has a habit of casually hooking up with a fair amount of people, so the acting wasn't a huge stretch,” Kross said. “Tucky really made it easy on me.”

The show has become a big hit within the lesbian community, citing its candid, realistic portrayal of its culture. A teaser trailer for Girl/Girl Scene season two has been unveiled and prominently features the seductive Kross.

Season two of Girl/Girl Scene is set to debut this summer. More information about the show and Kross’s involvement can be found on the series' official website.

When she is not making mainstream moves, the prolific Kross continues to star in Digital Playground productions, the latest of which is The Turn On. Directed by Robby D., The Turn On features Kross as a woman whose man, incredibly, seems to have lost interest in her. But his loss is another’s gain as she fulfills her lust-filled needs with other men.

View the movie's trailer here.