LONDON—Katie K is known for being a regular in the pages of the hottest magazines available today, and it seems that Katie has readers flocking to newsstands once again. This time she shows off her jaw-dropping body for the cover of Fiesta Magazine, as well as a spread in the digital publication Touch Me Magazine.  

Flashing her trademark beautiful smile, Katie K dons a pink, polka dot bikini and a construction hat on the cover of the top UK magazine, Fiesta. When readers open their copy, they'll find the gorgeous adult starlet posing seductively in mechanics gear, proving that the normally oiled covered and baggy outfits worn for a hard day's work, can in fact be sexy. All you have to do is put them on Katie K. Fiesta Magazine is on sale at newsstands now.

"Katie K was the obvious choice—she's simply stunning," said Matthew Elliott from Fiesta Magazine. "Plus she fulfils all of the important criteria of a Fiesta cover girl: seductive eyes, sexy smile, big, bouncy natural breasts a body that demands to be... well, you know the rest! Overall, she's simply purrfect. So come on fellas, doff your helmets for the UK's leading Lady!"

For all Katie K's fans that can seem to get enough of the UK Superstar, there is yet another publication that features the stunning blonde. The digital magazine, Touch Me Magazine, has a beautiful two page spread of Katie accompanied by an article about her movie role in the mainstream movie, King of Soho. Katie will be showing off her acting chops alongside comedian Steve Coogan in a film about the British Porn Barron, Paul Raymond.

To view the article, click here.

"I'm so thrilled to be featured in two more magazines this month" said Katie K. "My time with Fiesta was so fun and they have such a great group of people over there. And I'm beyond proud of my role in King of Soho so the fact that Touch Me Magazine featured it is wonderful. Every day I'm thankful to have a career I love and fans that seem to want to see more work from me. As long as they are asking for more, I'll be giving my fans what they want."

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