CHATSWORTH, Calif.The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes: An Extreme Comixxx Parody is NightMoves magazine’s 2011 Best Feature Production (Editor’s Choice). The award demonstrates Extreme Comixxx’s transcendence beyond parody status, with recognition in the Best Feature category. The DVD is also a consumer favorite, having held the top spot on AVN’s Retail Buzz Chart for four straight weeks. The NightMoves award will revive demand and give sales a boost.

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The 19th annual NightMoves Awards were held in Tampa Bay, Fla., on Oct. 10. NightMoves editor Art Koch awarded The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes 5 out of 5 stars. He wrote, “From the packaging to the costuming, the special effects, music, the perfect casting of the main characters and the fun they have, this new series will be a blockbuster.”

“Thank you to NightMoves for championing The Justice League since its release and now honoring it as the year’s Best Feature,” said Extreme Comixxx owner Jerry. “The award represents the demand for Extreme Comixxx. We found an untapped niche and have continued to honor consumers with high quality movies catering to their comic fantasies.”

When a great evil threatens porn’s very existence, the Justice League comes together to battle The Legion of Poon. Can Batman and Robin tag-team Catwoman into submission? Are Wonder Woman’s truth juices enough to get the General talking?  Will the sexy Mob Boss stop the Flash in his tracks? Only watching The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes will reveal the answers.

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