CYBERSPACE—At 4 pm on Saturday, March 9, crowd-funding giant Kickstarter will fund a project that's caused more buzz in the adult industry than in mainstream, yet it's a mainstream project: The short film Cowboys & Engines, a steampunk-style western written and directed by former AVN Managing Editor Bryn Pryor (most know him by his adult directorial name Eli Cross) and produced by crossover star James Deen.

As this is written, the pair have nearly crossed the $113,000 mark, from an original offering seeking just $100,000, and well on its way to its "stretch goal" of $120,000.

To that end, Deen and Pryor have added a new reward to the mix that already includes a downloadable digital version of the film, access to the film's password-protected production blog with photos and chat about the film, and posters and photos signed by the stars. Higher donation levels can get a .pdf of the script, a DVD or Blu-ray of the film when it's released, a CD of the original score for the movie, a prop from the movie and much more.

However, as the minutes tick down to the end of the Kickstarter funding, Pryor has added yet another reward: Pryor's actual shooting script. This unique item, according to the latest Kickstarter update, will have "all of Bryn's notes, diagrams, highlighting, folds, tears, smudges, blood, sweat, tears and food stains. In other words, it's an artifact with character. It will also be signed by the entire CAST & CREW." And it can be had for a $600 donation.

But even that's not all. Among the highest level rewards not yet claimed are being a costumed extra in the film, getting naming rights to the Mars Colony rocket featured in the film, dates with Derrick Pierce, James Deen or Richard Hatch (star of the original Battlestar Galactica), attendance at the film's Holywood premiere (and the swag that goes with it)... and even a speaking role in the film!

Also, everyone who's already pledged $45 or more, or ups their current pledge to that amount, will get a custom-designed Kickstarter Victory Cowboys & Engines-logo hoodie—if the $120,000 goal is reached.

So this is everyone's last chance to push this strange combination of an adult/mainstream project into the production stratosphere—and the chance to say to family and friends, "Hey, I helped fund a movie starring Malcolm McDowell, Walter Koenig and Richard Hatch!"