NEW YORK—AVN Hall of Fame director/photographer Julie Simone is working on her first self-published book, titled Gagged, featuring 38 men and women in a variety of “oral predicaments.” Shot between 2000 and 2014, the book is 100 pages and shaped like a square—8.5 inches by 8.5 inches—an unconventional size for a coffee table book. Models include Bella Vendetta (who wrote the foreword), Nikki Sebastian, Felix the Lucky Slave, Eden Alexander, Ashley Renee, Eden Wells, Jewell Marceau, Lydia Vengeance, Paris Kennedy, Persephone and Madison Young.

To make her dream a reality, Simone has also started an IndieGoGo campaign with some amazing perks. Simone is, of course, throwing herself personally into the perks, which include original paintings, very limited edition, handcrafted wood paddles, t-shirts with her artwork on them, prints of her photographs, and even bondage lessons and intensives taught personally by her. Donors can also score ebooks and hard copies of Gagged. New perks are added daily, and most recently she just added unicorn prints. There are 20 different levels of donations, all with different pricing—starting at $5 and going up to $1500.

Sticking to her vision, having creative control and keeping her integrity with the project are the reasons why Simone is convinced the book will be self-published. "I simply don't have the time or financial means to shoot 2,000 images, so someone else can whittle it down to 100 and frame my work however they want,” she said. “I personally selected each and every image for the book. Many were taken from previous shoots, however I shot several specifically for the book in the last month.  It's been a really exciting and inspiring project that I'm super excited about making a reality." 

People can donate by going here. The campaign, which has been up for just a few days and is going strong, ends on March 7. All funding will be used for the project, and each donor will get his or her perk, even if the goal isn’t reached.

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