NEW YORK, NY — This week, Julie Simone drops her second title through her new distributor, Pure Play Media. In Femdom Fatale, Simone shows off her intense BDSM expertise and delves deep into the psyche, while stimulating all the other senses.

The DVD is a stylish femdom romp that includes leather outfits, smoking fetish, thigh hi boots, solo POV intros, urethral sounds, cock torture, cross-dressing, on-screen tying, forced orgasms, anal play, caning, electrical play, enema play, penis pump torture and more to create the perfect blend of seduction and sadism. 

“We knew our partnership with Julie Simone would be a fruitful one, but the outstanding success of Julie’s first title even exceeded our high expectations,” stated Mr. Ritch, national sales manager for Pure Play Media. “Given the recent boom in mainstream popularity of the BDSM genre, I highly recommend for retailers to cash in on this latest trend by putting Julie Simone titles at the center of an eye-catching, fetish display. By having these films in a centralized and prominent location, you can reach those first time consumers who may be hesitant to express their needs.” 

Simone will be a special host and sponsor at DC’s 16th Annual Summer Masquerade Ball on June 15 in Washington DC. The theme for the evening is Tribal Nation and the event features world class DJs, live music, dance performances, and a DVD give away by Simone. For more information or to buy advance tickets, go to

Julie Simone’s titles are available exclusively through Pure Play Media.  

Watch Julie Simone in action on her trailers page.

Watch the NSFW trailer for Femdom Fatale.