NEW YORK—Thirteen is a really impressive number not least because it is the number of years Julie Simone has been running her site. To celebrate, Simone has opened her official store, where fans can purchase fetish art fusion t-shirts featuring her paintings and photographs and her signature oak paddles etched with her logo. The site also features Simone’s entire catalog, and all month long, fans can pick up DVDs at $5 off.

“I'm super excited to be releasing my new line of t-shirts at the same time I'm celebrating a huge milestone for my members' site—13 years,’ said Simone. “To say thank you to all my fans, I've slashed DVD prices, and I'll also be adding original artwork and worn stockings down the line."

For more Julie, fans can join her fetish member site,, which features all of Julie's content and a fetish for everyone. See her in action on her trailers page.