VENICE, Calif.—This week Joslyn James is featuring three nights in Florida, hosting a party one night, promoting her three nominations in the Urban X Awards, is constantly pushing her best-known movie, Vivid’s The 11th Hole.

James will be appearing at Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club in West Palm Beach through Saturday. Fans can text WPBTC to 47643 for free admission.

James will be making a substantial donation from what she makes this week to the Chad Peery Benefit Fund. Peery, an Oklahoma City police offer, was off-duty watching an OKC Thunder basketball game at a local restaurant when staffers, knowing he was a police offer, asked him to help escort some belligerent customers outside. He was beaten horribly and suffered a broken neck, paralyzing him. James heard about the story while featuring in Oklahoma City last week.

“The story just broke my heart,” she said. “I’ll never understand how people can commit such savage acts against each other. I am very proud to be able to do what little I can to help this man and his family.”

On a lighter note, TMZ ran a story late last week about Tiger Homewrecker wieners being served at Augusta sports bar Somewhere in Augusta during the Masters. The dogs were 12-inch Nathan’s dogs stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon and deep fried. “So far—Tiger has not stopped by to give it a whirl—but don’t be surprised if Joslyn James does,” they quipped.

Joslyn is still celebrating her Urban X Awards nominations and of course encouraging fans to vote for her. She is nominated for the Nicest Boobs in Porn, Female Performer of the Year and Interracial Star of the Year.