Transsexual starlet Jonelle Brooks, while in L.A on her publicity and shooting tour, had the great opportunity to shoot with Dave Naz for his Trans Project and upcoming book. Capitalizing on his credibility in the progressive arts scene, Mr. Naz's latest project seeks to raise awareness and acceptance of transsexuals by featuring thoughtful interviews with prominent transgender women discussing their lives' experience.

Jonelle, who has been in a long term relationship for many years, is able to speak to her experience as a country girl transitioning and about her relationship which has survived her transition and porn career. Currently Jonelle is in L.A. shooting for producers like Joey Silvera and mega companies such as SMC Productions.

"Jonelle Brooks gave an open and interesting interview for my documentary. She has great confidence, a sultry face and a body that belongs on a runway. This made for some great photos for the book," said Dave.

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