PHILADELPHIA — Joanna Angel's BurningAngel girls are at it again. This time invading the City of Brotherly Love stopping in to "The Preston & Steve Radio Show" (93.3 WMMR FM) as well as "The Danny Bonaduce Show" (94.1 WYSP FM) to promote the Backseat Film Festival and to help Bam Margera and Joe Frantz relentlessly self-promote their latest film, Minghags: The Movie.

The on-air radio segments featured rounds of America's Most Dangerous Game Show with BurningAngel Girls Nicole, Azreal Arden and Morgan Mae dishing out the "Strip for Pain" with speaker wire whipping, duct tape bondage, car jumper nipple clamping, electrocution and the occasional boat-oar splintered over contestant's heads. Danny Bonaduce even got in on the action and took the electrocution all the way to level 10, declaring him the ultimate "Strip for Pain" winner.

In the game Strip For Pain, male contestants pit their libido against their pain threshold as they are subjugated by three vivacious BurningAngel Girls who "make with the stripping."  As the contestants take more pain, the girls — beautiful strippers and adult performers — take off their clothes. It's a wonderland for sado-masochists as well as voyeurs!

Due to the overwhelming success of the show, Strip for Pain has been developed as a nightclub act for the past six years as a staple of BurningAngel live promotions. It has whipped, beaten and electrocuted contestants and audience members alike in bars and nightclubs from New York to Los Angeles. Hosted by BurningAngel's Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann, Strip for Pain features live music from Hick, Nick and a Jew and 1/2 (of the dead)!

A larger scale Strip for Pain will be performed live in Philly this Saturday, March 14th — midnight at The M Room (15 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphia) as the entertainment for the after-party celebrating the Backseat Film Festival's Tribute to Director Adam Rifkin. 

Not to be missed, the tribute, which Rifkin will be in attendance for, will include the Philly Premiere of his latest film Homo Erectus aka National Lampoon's the Stoned Age, starring Rifkin, Ali Larter of 'Heroes,' David Carradine, Carol Alt, Tom Arnold as well as Ron Jeremy, and featuring Sasha Grey and several adult starlets. Showing begins at 7:00 pm and the Philly premiere after 17 years of his cult classic, The Dark Backward, starring Judd Nelson, Bill Paxton, Wayne Newton and Lara Flynn Boyle is at 9:30pm. The screenings will take place at the 941 Theater.