LOS ANGELES—You can’t accuse Burning Angel owner Joanna Angel of being a rebel without a cause. She’s retained a singular focus throughout her career, pushing boundaries and reinventing adult entertainment with refreshing releases that unite hardcore sex with a punk rock ethic and an irreverent sense of humor. If she’s rebelled against anything, it’s the staid conformity that plagues so much of today’s cookie-cutter product.

Not that the enterprising Ms. Angel is above incorporating certain elements of the mainstream into her work, however. In fact, her newest Burning Angel release to be distributed by Vouyer Media, Rebel Girl, literally pays tribute to her diverse sexual personality.

First and foremost among these many elements is the formidable presence of award-winning star and crossover celebrity Jenna Haze. From the AVN Awards Show to Jason Statham’s Crank 2, this svelte bombshell’s sexy face and frame are everywhere these days. Haze’s heady sensuality is exploited to the hilt in a lengthy encounter featuring intense camerawork that puts the viewer into the thick of the action.

In contrast to Haze’s mainstream marquee value, those with a taste for more unique BurningAngel fare will cheer over the return of inked-up Baltimore beauty Draven Star, whose appetite for any and all types of sex play takes center stage in another memorable sequence. Throw in appearances from Burning Angel favorites like Maven, Indigo and, of course, Joanna herself, and you have one of the most diverse casts the company has brought together in a single release. The male talent is equally solid, with the studly duties being handled by such pros as multiple AVN Award winner James Deen and Keni Styles.

And just how does Joanna feel about this entertaining HD mainstream/alt hybrid? “This movie has a mix of all the different sides of me,” she reveals. “It's got some silly vignettes along with some super hot gonzo-esque scenes. And it has a cast of everyone from a brand-new BurningAngel girl, Maven, to my all-time favorite performer and close friend Jenna Haze.

“This movie shows off everything from Joanna the slut to Joanna the big goofball,” Angel continued. “I even got to do my first pussy POV, which I think turned out pretty awesome. Looking down at the camera and seeing a girl eat my pussy was amazing!”

So throw on your black leather jacket, slick your hair back and climb aboard the BurningAngel express. Rebel Girl is coming to stores nationwide July 7, courtesy of distributor Vouyer Media.

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