CHICAGO—Sexual wellness authority and sex educator Jessica Drake and anti-digital piracy expert Nate Glass will be guest speakers at the University of Chicago’s 2014 Sex Week. Held at UChicago’s Logan Center for the Arts, drake’s conversations with students will be part of Sex Week’s opening day offerings on Feb 8.

Wicked Pictures, the adult studio Drake is a contract performer and director with, is one of the co-sponsors of 2014 Sex Week.

Glass and Drake will team up to present “The Piracy of Sex.” The lecture and open format Q&A is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, in UChicago’s Logan Center for the Arts. The duo will discuss the effect of adult content piracy and how independent content producers can fight back and protect their copyrighted product.

While the autonomy of the Internet helps generate a larger audience, including women, for porn, fetish videos, and live sex shows, it also allows people to hide behind aliases and justify their actions.  The stigmas still surrounding sexuality contribute to the rampant pirating, as do performers' lack of funds and resources.  Glass and drake discuss the effect of piracy on sex workers and adult entertainment producers and how they can fight back and protect their copyrights.

“We are thrilled to have Nate Glass and jessica drake come speak for us, and on our first full day of the week too,” says UChicago Sex Week Co-Founder and two-time Co-Director Stephanie Grach.  “Our team was very interested in Nate right off the bat because of his work with piracy in the porn industry.  It presents a blend of sex with intellectualism and economics—basically, a perfect fit for the University of Chicago!”

Glass, an Illinois native, says, “It is a huge honor to be asked to speak at University of Chicago, one of the world’s top academic establishments and the birthplace of nuclear physics.  jessica and I look forward to introducing students to our industries and expertise.  The topics of piracy, porn, and sex are often treated as taboo subjects, but we aim to shed light on each, as well as the ways they are related.”

Glass’ company, Takedown Piracy, actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage.  Takedown Piracy’s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, Torrent sites, Tube sites, Auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, Search Engines, Image Hosts, Blogs, Forums, Social Media.

For more information about Takedown Piracy’s services, click here.

Additionally, Drake will present “Jessica Drake—From Porn to Sex Ed,” at 4 p.m., during which she will share her experience in the adult industry and how it helped her see the need and demand for modern sex education.

“I’m honored to be invited to speak to students at University of Chicago about the adult industry and its relationship with the general public,” Drake said. “Porn in the new millennium means content piracy, increased questions about safe sex, and the discussion of sexual taboos and acceptance. Producing the Guide to Wicked Sex series has allowed me to extend modern sex education to an international audience, both on campuses and beyond. I absolutely love when I can speak with people, especially students, face to face. Learning what people are actually curious about allows us to all grow sexually, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone at University of Chicago’s Sex Week.”

A fervent educator on sexual health and wellness, jessica drake is a highly sought-after sexual wellness speaker who lectures at universities, teaches seminars, and runs workshops globally. Through her series of workshops and seminars and her line of instructional DVDs, jessica teaches people to explore their sexuality in a fun, safe, and responsible way. She teaches how to set boundaries, emphasize consent, and still have wonderful sex while communicating effectively with partners.

“I would describe my approach as modern day, pleasure based, sex education,” explains drake. “I think it’s really important to talk to college students about things actually occurring in their lives, not just in text books. I favor a realistic, hands-on, dissemination of information and open dialogue. I am concerned with whatever concerns the students, as well as the current avenues they do or don’t have in order to discuss these things.”

UChicago Sex Week Co-Founder and two-time Co-Director Stephanie Grach, “With Sex Week at UChicago, we like to look at sex from every angle -- arts and literature, philosophy, religious / secular, mass media, politics, abstinence, logistics and safety, and stereotypes / definitions. We like this to be an exploration and discussion of an usually taboo subject, thinking about the terms and images we use, how we express ourselves, and interactions with others, as well as our own personal sexual preferences and choices.”

Sex Week at UChicago is a mix of seminar, social/discussion, and workshops. Attending students and other community members are invited to hear the background and accepted perceptions of a variety of groups, and to explore them artistically, intellectually, and with an open-mind. Through Sex Week at UChicago, the Co-Founders hope attendees develop an appreciation and understanding for the blurred boundaries and politics surrounding the topic of sex.

Wicked Pictures is a sponsor of University of Chicago’s 2014 Sex Week. Throughout the week, UChicago students and campus visitors will receive promotional materials and participate in Wicked Pictures movie giveaways. The Wicked Sensual Care Collection, including its popular sensual lubricants, will also be given away to Sex Week participants.

“Reaching out to students on college campuses on an educational level is absolutely fantastic,” said Wicked Pictures President Steve Orenstein. “jessica is the best choice to represent Wicked in sharing this information on sex ed and piracy, and she is sure to be well received by the University of Chicago student body. Thank you, UChicago, for allowing us this opportunity to educate your community on both technology, consumer ethics, and positive sexual health.”

For more information on University of Chicago’s Sex Week, visit Additional information can be found on Sex Week’s Facebook page.